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Crew neck
Mid weight, 6.5 oz/yd2, 18-singles
DTG Print
100% cotton



This collection is inspired by shadow work. The shadow is the site of repressed desires, emotions and impulses hidden from our conscious awareness. Shadow work involves bringing these unconscious desires to the forefront so we can better understand them, heal them and integrate them in a healthy way to bring productive change in our lives.

Our subconscious and unconscious (or shadow self) drive a good portion of our behavior. They contain some of the deep-seated belief systems and thoughts that we harbor beneath our conscious awareness, usually rooted in and stemming from childhood.

Embrace the dark side, befriend it and heal it.

Improving lives

"I feel like it just gives people perception, maybe a new way to look at life. Something people have never seen before."

Anna Yeli

"A constant reminder to never stop. I’m not alone. Inspire others to do more and leading by example. Speaking the truth. Failure is not and end or weakness."

Paul Packer