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Crew neck
Mid weight, 6.5 oz/yd2, 18-singles
DTG Print at front
100% cotton

The power of “I Am…” is crucial. It is the phrase that our mind uses to create our lives.

Listening to affirmations while sleep will feed the subconscious mind (we operate 95-99% of our lives from the subconscious mind)

Never speak against yourself... I AM POWERFUL

This shirt is part of our AHRG (Advanced Human Research Group) Collection V.1. Our intention with this collection is to officially create our community of growth advocates; Those who uplift while climbing. Those who dare to face the unknown by getting to know themselves. While handling these shirts, we applied sound therapy to them at 432 hz which is said to be the Universe frequency. Our objective with this collection is to provide everyday wear that aligns you with the Universe so that you may flow with your calling and face every obstacle in your life as an Advanced Human in this world.

Improving lives

"I feel like it just gives people perception, maybe a new way to look at life. Something people have never seen before."

Anna Yeli

"A constant reminder to never stop. I’m not alone. Inspire others to do more and leading by example. Speaking the truth. Failure is not and end or weakness."

Paul Packer